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Mental health programs

We are so proud to be a part of two local farmer focused programs in our area. 

Both the L&A Farmer Mental Wellness Program and Hastings Farmer Wellness Program have been successfully launched and currently available to access in those areas. 

What does it offer you? 

  • Local professional counselling support in a private setting

  • Provided by experienced and registered counsellor

  • Strictly confidential 

  • Flexible farm hours 

  • Flexible options to connect - phone, video, in-home 

Who can access? 

Farmers and their families in both counties. 

OFA member benefits

OFA members have special benefits with our program. You can access up to 4 sessions at no cost with your OFA membership. Connect with us to book a session through the program. You must be within either L&A or Hastings counties. 

Woman farmer in wheat field at golden ho

Program history

The L&A Farmer Wellness Program was a pilot project in 2019, to provide accessible mental health counselling to farmers in Lennox & Addington county.  The success of the program has led to its continuation within L&A, and as of June 1, 2020 Hastings County has launched their Farmer Wellness Program.  All services are available to members in L&A and Hastings counties.

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